In India, the state-run education system is failing its children. The only option available to aspiring students is to pay for their own education. The poorest students pay Rs 700 ($20) for 3 months college education but still many families cannot afford this expense. The school drop-out rate is high as there is great pressue on children to contribute to the family income.

Noah's Ark is a family-run charity, established by Joakim Alfred Dipankar Sarkar to support local families who are unable to afford basic educational fees or medical treatment.

In his own words:

I have a dream to make a home for the destitute women and orphan street girls where I live and in other parts of world. When I see their tearful, needy and innocent faces while walking down the streets of Calcutta, and working among them in the slums and red-light areas of Calcutta I cry to my God in spirit LORD why so much of sufferings all-around? They also have a right to live a proper life a beautiful life And tears sheds down my eyes. Then I get the call deep in my spirit Joakim, Joakim where are you? And I answer in my Spirit here am I LORD.

I dreamt this dream under the inspiration of Late Mother Teresa of my city. The Inspiration did not come only from her works but through meeting her few times when she was alive and the inspiration came to me from her life where her life became a living Gospel.

I realize that I am too small to take this burden all along on myself with too little means, but I believe that in this vast world there are so many God's servants who carry the fire of the Divine to fire up the world like the burning bush in God's Mountain. So I really like to get their help through advice and materials in any form they like to.

My project is to build a Home called Joshua's Garden where the destitute women and street Orphan girls will live and get all necessary physical and spiritual nourishments by which they will grow up in a socially esteemed atmosphere. And one day they will reach out their hands to heal this world for a better place for you and for me and for the entire human race.

We are trying to help those people (especially destitute feminine genders who have tasted the bitter side of our so called modern civilization) to get them back to the main stream of life with the help of Christian teachings and values.